Dr. Pautz, a practicing cardiologist since 1998, is affiliated with UW Medicine and sees patients in Mill Creek at Mill Creek Family Practice. He specializes in general cardiology, coronary artery disease, heart valve dysfunction, and heart arrhythmia. He is an expert in cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, pacemaker placement and interrogation. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Missouri at Columbia. He completed his internal medicine internship, residency training, and cardiology fellowship at Washington University, St. Louis.

Treatment begins, Dr. Pautz believes, with listening, thoroughly and patiently, to the patient’s symptoms and concerns. This approach enables his success at diagnosing unusual symptoms and rare diseases.

Away from the office, Dr. Pautz enjoys woodworking, hiking, and being outdoors.

Dr. Pautz is a physician at UW Medicine. He sees patients in our office several days per week. To schedule an appointment, please call the office.