Orthopedic Medicine

Mill Creek Sports Medicine

Mill Creek sports medicine physicians know that Americans are an active, athletic people and, here in the Northwest, we are even more active than most Americans. This is both great—study after study has shown that an active lifestyle is a boon to health, longevity, and quality of life—and understandable, given our access to great skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and water sports as well as a climate that is conducive to nearly year-round participation in running, cycling, and a host of other sports. Our kids are active and athletic as well, playing more sports and at a greater percentage of participation than any generation in history.

But our active athletic lifestyles do bring with them a need for advice, check-ups, and, sometimes, treatment.

Before beginning a new athletic venture, you should see your Mill Creek Family Practice provider, to make sure you are healthy enough for that activity. Your doctor can also advise you on ways to condition for, and stay safe in, your sport of choice. A pre-season physical is advisable—and sometimes required—for many youth and adolescent sports programs as well.

Once you’re up and rolling in your activity of choice, problems can still occur. Musculoskeletal injuries, heart or respiratory issues, as well as sprains, tears, muscle pulls/strains, and concussions are all common, treatable conditions for youth, adolescent, and adult athletes.

Athletes of all ages can also increase health, safety, and performance, with sound nutritional advice provided by their provider.

At Mill Creek Family Practice, we’re here to help you and your family play hard—and play safe.