Mill Creek Newborn Care

Mill Creek Newborn Care at Mill Creek Family Practice knows the birth of a child is a great and exciting event. Bringing that baby home is equally exciting–but can also be daunting and even a little frightening, especially for first-time parents.

Mill Creek Family Practice is a true family practice and we take pride—and great joy—in helping you welcome your newest family member. New parents and experienced parents alike turn to us to help with that vital, sometimes stressful, joyful, exhilarating, and change-filled first year of life.

Starting with the first visit—we recommend you schedule your baby’s first appointment at three days’ old—we will keep a close eye on your baby’s growth and development, regularly monitoring and tracking milestones. We will help you rest easy (though we may not be able to get you any more sleep during that first year) that your baby is safe, sound, and thriving.

Mill Creek Family Practice physicians will honor the personal choices you make in your baby’s care and upbringing while providing advice on feeding, sleep habits, and other issues confronting the parents of newborns. We provide the full gamut of recommended immunizations.

Because we are family practice providers, we bring a family perspective to newborn care and can include, if needed, post-partum care for the mother (including diagnosis and treatment of post-partum depression issues) as well as advice (again, only if needed) for fathers and other family members.