minor surgery

Mill Creek Minor Surgery

Mill Creek Minor Surgery provides minor surgeries at Mill Creek Family Practice, giving our patients a known, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere in which to have a procedure. In many instances, this will also be the most cost-effective option.

How do we define minor surgery? A minor surgery is any tissue incision, intended to arrest damage or disease, which involves either local anesthesia or no anesthesia and requires no respiratory assistance. There is little risk to life or limb.

A major surgery, defined by larger risk to life and limb, and the need for general anesthesia along with respiratory assistance, must be performed in a surgical setting. Your Mill Creek Family Practice physician can refer you for this, if necessary.

Examples of common minor surgeries:

  • Removals: skin tags, warts (including penile and vaginal warts), lipomas and fatty tissues, moles (including hairy moles)
  • Therapeutic injections, including joint injections and trigger point injections
  • Incision and/or drainage of cysts and abscesses
  • Treatment of minor burns
  • Treatment of ingrown toe-nails
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Treatment of anal fissure
  • Removal of foreign bodies from skin and soft tissue

How long will a minor surgery take? It depends on the surgery. Most will be under an hour. Many will take only minutes.