Mill Creek Dermatology

Mill Creek Dermatology at Mill Creek Family Practice treats a variety of skin conditions that don’t require you to see a dermatological specialist. Skin issues are unique medical problems because of their visibility, as opposed to other medical issues. Causes range from infections to autoimmune disorders. Because of their visibility, some skin problems may also be a source of embarrassment or even emotional distress for some patients (i.e. severe acne). At Mill Creek Family Practice, PLLC, we believe in treating the whole patient, surface-to-core, body and mind. If you do need to a see a dermatologist, we are happy to refer you as necessary.

Some examples of dermatologic conditions we treat:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of rashes and skin growths
  • Treatment of warts, skin tags, boils, and cysts
  • Treatment of acne, including ACCUTANE* therapy for severe acne
  • Treatment of psoriasis and eczema
  • Treatment of pre-cancerous skin lesions and concerns
  • Abnormal moles
  • Treatment of hair loss and other scalp conditions
  • Treatment or allergic skin problems, irritant contact dermatitis

Our caring physicians understand the importance of the skin to both appearance and good health. We treat all of the above and more, with tremendous attention to detail.

Skin Cancer

All of our physicians routinely perform screenings for all types of skin cancer, including mole checks. We treat most types of skin cancer and can refer to a specialist when appropriate.


At Mill Creek Family Practice, we offer the full range of acne treatments for the full range of acne types and the full range of acne patients. Light, severe, or somewhere in between; teen or adult, we will start you on an effective treatment plan. Our physicians are trained to use ACCUTANE therapy, and may offer this for severe cases.