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At Mill Creek Family Practice, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care for all members of your family and providing that care when you need it whether its primary care, women’s healthpediatrics, urgent care or any other health related needs. We are open weekends and evenings to accommodate urgent care situations, when your condition dictates that you cannot wait another day before seeing a doctor.  You will see the on-call physician for these ailments.

For other ailments, you should schedule a non-urgent or routine appointment.  We will make every effort, during these routine appointments to have you see your own doctor or nurse practitioner. 

Mill Creek Imaging

At Mill Creek Family Practice, we do our best to provide you with the care you need, when you need it.  We take pride in providing friendly, compassionate, comfortable, and convenient care for our patients. 

To help make things as convenient as possible, we provide on-site imaging services, saving our patients a trip to a separate facility and eliminating the need to coordinate services between the imaging specialist and the primary care physician.  Imaging done on-site, at our Mill Creek offices, has the advantage of a faster and more direct connection between your MRI, bone density, or other scan, and the physician who ordered it.  The result is better, faster, more convenient care.

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